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Check all of the unusual noises your vehicle makes and then tell us when it makes then. With your help, we can quickly and accurately diagnose what the problem is.
What You're Hearing ...
A sound like a drum roll or distant thunder.
A low-pitched sound , like a bee. 
Rapidly repeating metalic sound.
High-pitched, rapidly repeating sound, like a chirping bird.
A light sound, like a ballpoint pen being clicked.
A metal-to-metal sound, like a hammer striking steel.
An abrasive sound, like a grinding stone.
Like air escaping from a balloon.
Like a wire humming in the wind.
Like a knock on the door.
A sound like marbles rolling around in a can.
Deep, prolonged sound like high winds or ocean waves.
Low, heavy, continuous sound, like thunder,
A high-pitched sound, like fingernails across a chalkboard.
A crisp, dull sound, like tapping your finger on a table.
A high-pitched sound like an electric motor or drill.
Sharp, shrill sound like wind passing through a small opening.

Other Symptoms ...
Check and complete all that apply.
 Misses or runs rough.
 Hesitates or backfires.
 Engine starts or dies.
 Is sluggish/low on power, but not rough.
 Is hard to start, but cranks okay.
 Engine cranks, but won't start.
 Stalls after starting.
 Fluid Leaks.
 Exhaust smokes excessively.
 Rapidly consumes.
 Shakes or vibrates.
It Does It When ...
Engine:    is being started   just after it has been started
Engine is:    Cold   Lukewarm   Fully Warmed Up
I've driven about:         miles
I'm driving at about:     mph
Accelerating:    Hard   Normal
Decelerating to a stop:    Hard   Normal
Going:    up a hill   down a hill
Turning:    Left   Right   Both Ways



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